What does the ORB 3D package include?


Unique Drone Video

Using drone videography, we create a custom video unique to your property, showcasing the external features of the building and the highlights of the surrounding area. This gives viewers a real perspective into the location and lifestyle on offer. The drone video is integrated into the 3D tour and can be accessed from various points from within the property.


State of the art 3D tour

An immersive 3D tour of the whole property in stunning 4K quality. Potential clients can walk through the internal of the property as if they were actually there. The software allows viewings/bookings to be made instantly from within the tour and directs traffic to your own website. Gardens, roof-terrace and all outside spaces are also captured in a 360° view. 


4K HD Photographs

A large selection of internal photographs in 4K HD quality. Captured by the 3D camera using laser imagery technology with a wide-angle lens, to present true room size.


External Aerial Photographs

A selection of external photographs taken in 4K HD quality, uniquely capturing the property and its grounds. Only by drone, can you see a property at its best.



A set of schematic floorplans finished with 99.9% accuracy. Available for all spaces (including commercial) up to a total of 25,000sqft. Available in both imperial and metric.

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